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Sweetwater Brewery Documentary

[whohit]sweetwater-brewery-documentary[/whohit] SWEETWATER BREWERY EXPANSION and CONSTRUCTION 2013 See how SWEETWATER incorporated this video into their website! Click HERE to go directly to...

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Customer Testimonials

[whohit]customer-testimonials[/whohit] Miss Mamies Cupcakes customer testimonial for The Barter Company, Atlanta, GA Visit HERE to learn more about The Barter Company Click HERE to go directly to...

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Services Videos

Silva and Thomas Hair Studio salon in the heart of Buckhead See how Silva and Thomas incorporated this video into their website! Click HERE to go directly to...

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Get Found with Visible Video

[whohit]get-found[/whohit] Visible Video meets The Sign Flipper Julian Click HERE to go directly to...

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Video + SEO = Visibility: We are a premier Atlanta video services group that provides exciting sales videos at an affordable price. Visible Video displays your goods or services in a professional marketing video, inciting the viewer to remember your services and to want to contact you. With professional sound, voiceover and smooth editing, we show what’s unique about your business. Once we have finished your video, we will show you how to make it work for you, embed it to your website, how to host it on YouTube, Twitter, your Facebook page, etc. Video is one of the best and easiest ways to create organic SEO. There is more to it than simply uploading a video, which is what most people do. There are certain tips and tricks that will help increase your visibility. We assist with all the fine points of increasing rank and getting higher search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! We incorporate your logos, website, business and contact info, music, and/or voiceover. You will have a professional and informative video or commercial that will...

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Atlanta Mayoral Roundtable

See the FULL Documentary!  Click HERE to watch the conversation onstage at the Atlanta Historic Society. Click HERE to go directly to...

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Weddings by Visible Video

Wedding videos by – Contact us today! Click HERE to go directly to...

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Sales and Promotional Videos

[whohit]sales-and-promotional-videos[/whohit] JM Multimedia Designs Video Catalog of marketing materials for Churches Click HERE to go directly to...

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Step 1 – Contact Us

At a surprisingly affordable price, Visible Video can produce a professional video for your business or event. Get the most for your money in a great-looking video that can work for you on your website, on YouTube, local television or theatrical advertising. Talk with an experienced pro about how we can make first-rate videos on all kinds of budgets. Call or fill out our web form today.

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Step 2 – Get Video

Visible Video will make your company the star of a professional video, introducing your services or showing testimonials from satisfied customers. Our Visible Video team works with you to create a video using images, logos, contact information, music and/or voiceover to tell your story. You will have a great-looking, informative and versatile video or commercial that you can use and share forever!

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Step 3 – Get Found!

Visible Video keeps working for you with no additional cost or effort. You will learn how to use this great SEO tool that is online video. When you use YouTube and host to your home page, Facebook page, share on Twitter or include in email blasts, your business moves up in search result rankings organically, and this is the best type of SEO there is! If you need more help, contact, our full-service SEO partner, today!

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